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Cities and Kings Catalogue Cover

Cities and Kings: Ancient Treasures from Myanmar

Treasures from the national museums of Myanmar, from the World Heritage Site at Pyu, the pagoda-studded plains of Bagan, and from Mandalay, the last royal capital, are examined in this profusely illustrated catalogue. Essays cover discuss the principle archaeological sites of Pyu, Mon, Bagan, Inwa, Shan State, and Mandalay.

The Tang Shipwreck

The Tang Shipwreck: Art and Exchange in the 9th Century

This book tells the story of the Tang Shipwreck, discovered off Belitung Island in Indonesia in 1998, and now housed at the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore. It is one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of recent times. Found at the site was a remarkable cargo of some 60,000 Chinese ceramics dating from the Tang dynasty (618–907), along with finely wrought gold and silver objects, bronze mirrors, and more ordinary objects belonging to the crew.

Port Cities Catalogue Cover

Port Cites: Multicultural Emporiums of Asia

Port Cities perfectly encapsulate a fundamental human and cultural process that has existed since time immemorial–the constant mixing of things together. Such places, and the powerful cultural dynamics that took place within and between them, reflect how people, ideas, and objects circulate, and how culture is formed, spread, and shared.

Nalanda, Srivijaya and Beyond

Nalanda Srivijaya and Beyond Re-exploring Buddhist Art in Asia

Focusing on ancient monastic centres and temples including Nalanda, Mainamati, Kizil, Kedah, Dulesi, and Longxingsi Dabeige, papers in this volume offer newer perspectives on aspects of text-image-inscription correlation. This volume is an attempt at interdisciplinary study of cross-cultural trails that lead to localized Buddhist practice patterns and artistic diversities.

Great Peranakans

Great Peranakans: Fifty Remarkable Lives

Great Peranakans: Fifty Remarkable Lives presents historical essays on Peranakan culture and entries on each of the fifty men and women selected for the exhibition.