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Afterhours@ACM: Battle of Port City Cuisines

Asian Civilisations Museum 24 Nov 2016 7pm to 10pm $118 per person (until 23 Nov), or at $128 on the day of the event

Exotic textiles and fashions, furniture, scrolls depicting detained foreigners, intricately crafted boxes, painted portraits and panoramic port views, exquisitely produced gold jewellery – explore these and the hybrid communities that grew in Asian port cities, including Nagasaki, Canton, Batavia, Goa, and Singapore. See our Port Cities special exhibition with Guest Curator Peter Lee and ACM curators.

ACM is privileged to have Peter – independent scholar and guest curator of Port Cities – at this event to share his rich knowledge on Port Cities, as well as his cultural investigations on laksa.

Pick your favourite pairings of Straits Settlements fare with champagne and hand-brewed sake specially selected for the evening.

For tickets and enquiries, call 6332 7798 or email

Book now via Peatix at $118 per person, or at $128 on the day of the event.

Programme for the evening

7.00 to 7.15pm Welcome and first pour
7.15 to 8.00pm Port Cities: Multicultural Emporiums of Asia, 1500–1900 Special exhibition tours
8.00 to 8.15pm Laksa – Persian or Peranakan? by Peter Lee, Guest Curator
8.15 to 10.00pm Tastes of port cities in Asia


Satay vs Satay
Compare Beef Sate Madura Indonesia with peanut and pineapple sauce, Malaysian Lamb Satay served with peanut sauce, cucumber and rice cakes, and Peranakan Satay Babi.

Sparkling sake pairing: Fukumini junmai ginjo nigori sake
Good strong body, dry, light yuzu flavour with a slight bitter finish. Made with Azumino and Yamandanishiki rice. Matured for a minimum of 12 months in the brewery.

Laska Showdown
Pick your favourite between Penang Asam Laksa, and Singapore Nyonya Laksa Lemak.

Champagne pairing: Roger Coulon Brut Tradition
Pale gold colour with a nice citrus bouquet. Vigorous fine to medium bubbles. It has an elegance that improves as it warms.

Chicken Fight
Who doesn’t love this crispy delight? Indonesian Ayam Penyet, Peranakan Inche Kabin with achar, and Singapore’s Har Cheong Gai.

Sparkling wine pairing: NV Xaview Jacqueline Vin de Savoie La Perle du Lac
100% Chardonnay, with notes of peach and watermelon. Great fines bubbles and pale blonde colour, limited production – 10,000 bottles a year.

Rojak Rumble
The best of Asia’s iconic salads – Singapore Indian Rojak, and Fruit Rojak.

Sake pairing: Kita Alps Junmaishu
Sweet, spiced, aromatic. Handmade sake with pure rice, production only January to March. Chilled in mid-winter throughout fermentation, and brewed in natural conditions. Sake degree +2

Otak Orgy
Chargrilled to perfection – Malaysian Mackerel Otak Otak, and Otak Otak Indonesia.

Sake pairing: Namacyo Hizokoboshu
Dry, light, good structure, and a slightly floral body. This sake is matured in the brewery using an age-old technique. Sake degree -2

* Unless specified, all sakes are made with water from the northern alps, koji, Nagano’s brewers rice, and brewing alcohol.

AfterHours@ACM 24 November