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Asian Culture & Music Series - Indonesia

Asian Civilisations Museum 03 Mar 2017 - 04 Mar 2017 3 March, 6 to 9pm; 4 March, 1 to 7pm Free admission
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Dive into a thousand years of traditional Asian music, dance, and drama with performances, workshops, and evening concerts at the Asian Civilisations Museum. From the melodious bells of a gamelan ensemble to the skillful manipulation of Asian puppets -- experience this rich, varied legacy with the wind in your hair and music in your ears along the ACM Riverfront.

In March, savour the sights and sounds of Indonesia with two days of masks, music, and myth by the Singapore River.

Friday, 3 March, 6 to 9pm
Start your Friday evening with a traditional angklung performance, followed by enchanting music and dance inspired by the arts of Bali and Java. Join our free workshops to learn graceful Balinese dance or how to play on a traditional gamelan set under our expert instructors.





Balinese Dance Workshop
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Discovery Room

7 to 9pm

Traditional Gamelan Workshop

Performance Arts Gallery


Angklung by NUS Angklung Ensemble



Musical Masks: Topeng Panca by Eka Suwara Santi



Dancing Shadows: Wayang Kulit Gamelan by Sri Warisan


9pm Museum closes  

Saturday, 4 March, 1 to 7pm
Explore wonderful Indonesia with hands-on workshops on the museum's authentic gamelan set, and make your own wayang kulit puppet. Dance to the mesmerising steps of tari pendet, or participate in a 7-metre-long batik cloth painting throughout the day -- but be careful of the hot wax!

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