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Public Lecture: The Dark Side of the Swarm

Ngee Ann Auditorium 25 Aug 2017 7 pm Hannes Koch
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Random International, co-founded by Flo Ortkrass & Hannes Koch in 2005, has been

exploring different phenomena of collective behaviour for the best part of a decade,
predominantly in their Swarm Study series that translates collective movement into light.

Their latest work Zoological, unlike the Swarm Studies, allows the swarm to move without constraint. Rather than being embodied in light, the sculpture expresses itself in large, airborne spheres which possess a physicality as well as a new degree of autonomy in their movement and behaviour. In this talk, Koch will discuss the darker aspects of swarming and collective behaviour.

Limited seats available

Presented by

The Ryan Foundation

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Asian Civilisations Museum