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Legacies, city-spaces, and public domains

Ngee Ann Auditorium 07 Jul 2017 7 pm Malvika Singh


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Legacies, city-spaces, and public domains
Malvika Singh

Inclusive public spaces compel engagement, generate a sense of pride and ownership, and celebrate the multiple legacies passed down through generations. These spaces evolve with the infusion of new and dynamic influences from a constantly mobile and transforming environment.

In Rajasthan, India, there has been an initiative over the last three years to re-imagine and reinvent public domains across the state by introducing regular interventions of music, dance and theatre, hand skill expositions and workshops, and contemporary art. Simultaneously, frayed institutions are being redesigned and restored to better conserve and preserve the symbols and objects that define heritage. These initiatives aim at inclusivity. They endeavour to take the “exclusive” out of its privileged “cage”, help it fly across false boundaries, and be embraced by the community, to awaken the senses and the imagination.

About the speaker
Malvika Singh is the publisher of Seminar, a monthly magazine of ideas and alternatives, founded in 1959, and a columnist for The Telegraph. She has written and edited numerous books, including Perpetual City: A Short Biography of Delhi (2013), Bhutan: Through the Lens of the King (2012), New Delhi: Making of a Capital (2009), and Snowdon's India (2008); produced documentary films, including The City that Jaisal Built and The Tapestry That is Kashmir; and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Chief Minister of Rajasthan. In 2009 she was decorated as a Dame in the civil merit honours list of the King of Spain.

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Image: Public outdoor performance at the Albert Hall Museum in Rajasthan. Image copyright Seher (India)